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About Me

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I received my Master's degree in counseling psychology from the University of MN, before ditching my parka and snow boots for a raincoat and galoshes and heading to the Pacific Northwest. I believe true growth comes from exposing oneself to new experiences and overcoming challenges.  In working with diverse populations in the mental health field for the past 9 years, I've come to appreciate the differences that make us human and this non-judgmental empathic approach informs my therapy. Humor is a part of who I am, both personally and therapeutically, and I find that laughter is often the best medicine. I intentionally build creative outlets into my daily life as a way to allow myself to be challenged and see a finished product before me. 

I am licensed by the State of Washington as a Mental Health Counselor (LH 60555104) and am a member of the Washington Mental Health Counselor's Association. 


My training in counseling psychology has led me to work from a relational therapeutic framework. As a social species, we need human connection to maintain emotional and mental wellness and I seek to build strong, secure relationships with my clients that serve as a model for future relationships.  

Each person is unique in their need, so I incorporate a variety of techniques in my practice that allow each individual an opportunity for self-exploration, personal growth, and to learn to be kind to themselves. Specifically, the following models inform my approach: Self-Compassion and Mindfulness Based Therapy- developing skills to be less judgmental towards ourselves and to learn to live more in the present rather than dwelling excessively in the past or future. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy -  learning skills to challenge and change your negative thinking in order to promote positive feelings and behavioral changes. Oftentimes we become stuck in our patterns of distorted thinking and this method targets those thoughts for replacement thoughts and behaviors. 

EMDR Therapy -  reprocessing past memories and difficult experiences that contribute to problems today.


I provide services in the following areas:

Depression & Anxiety

​Grief & Loss


Domestic Violence

Women's Issues

Life Transitions

Sexuality and Sexual Health


Anger Management


I provide 50 minute individual sessions and group rates will vary so please contact me for specific rates and insurance questions. I also offer a 15 minute phone consultation, free of charge, prior to our first session to make sure I am the right fit for you. 

Please note - I provide evening and weekend appointment hours so you can invest in yourself - on your own schedule.  


If you need to cancel our appointment, please contact me 24 hours prior to our session. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice or do not show up to our session, you will be charged for the session, emergencies excluded.